• Intercesors Arise At Sri Lanka In Jan 2014

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    We are happy to announce that ISAO will be organising an intercession event called,

    "INTERCESSORS ARISE - A Call to Prophetic Intercession" at Pubuduwa, Colombo, SRI LANKA

    from Wednesday, 22nd (5 pm) to Saturday, 25th (8 pm) January, 2014

    followed by a day of sighseeing. The Sri Lankan CCR will play host to the event.

    I am enclosing the Registration Form which has got all the details regarding registration and the event fees.

    This is the first time that an event of this nature is being organised by ISAO. It is specifically meant for intercessors. I, therefore, suggest that only those involved in intercession may be nominated to participate in the event. Ideally about 5 intercessors could be nominated from one country. However, if you feel that there are more genuine intercessors who could benefit from the event, you may choose to send more registrations.

    The event will consist of teachings on intercession, time of prayer, listening to the Lord, workshops on intercession, group sharings, etc. 

    I suggest that you nominate the participants and request them to register for the event as early as possible. The National Service Committees are also request to support the participants financially in case they need help for participation.

    Kindly keep the event in your prayers.

    With regards,

    Yours in Christ,

    Download formulir ISAO (klik kanan lalu pilih save as ) file PDF

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