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    30 Mei 2008


    The VATICAN has recognized International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services ( ICCRS) as a body for the promotion of Catholic Charismatic Renewal, with a juridical personality, according to Canon 116, and approved the Statutes of ICCRS. At the International level, the role of ICCRS, as mandated in its charter from the Holy See, is to serve the worldwide Renewal in all of its expressions and identities. In April 2000, Pope John Paul II stated in a personal message, ... the task of ICCRS is to coordinated and promote exchange of experiences and reflections among Catholic Charismatic Communities throughout the world..

    The facilitate deeper communion among different nations and expressions within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, ICCRS has been promoting the concept of Regional Sub-Committees. ICCRS Sub-commitee for Asia-Ocenia (ISAO) was formed after 42 leaders from the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, East AsiaAustraliaNew Zealand and Oceania met together inSingapore on 9 and 10 December 2006 for a time of prayer, sharing, discernment and planning under the auspices of ICCRS.

    ISAO serves the CCR in the Asia and Oceania as a centre of unity, communicationi and cooperation in order to fulfill Christ s desire, That they may all be one (Jn 17 : 21), and to keep Christ s body without divisions ( 1 Cor 12 : 4 - 31). The headquarters of ISAO is currently situated in Singapore. The ISAO is responsible for strengthening fellowship within the Renewal in the Asia-Oceania Region, convening consultations and events and also for reaching out and supporting those countries which are in need of guidance and help.


    ICCRS Sub - Committee for Asia- Oceania ( ISAO)


    Chairman                      : Cyril John ( India)

    Vice – chairman            : Felix Ali Chendra ( Indonesia)

    Secretary                      : Gerard Francisco ( Singapore)

    Treasurer                      : Brendan Woodnutt ( New Zealand)

    ICCRS member           : Most Rev. Joseph Grech ( Australia)

                                          Bro. James Shin, Sang Hyun ( South Korea)

    ICCRS nominee           : Allan Panozza ( Australia)

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