• 12 Oktober 2008


    Fr. Rufus speech on ISAO CONFERENCE




    It was Pops John XXIII that in 1959 in preparation for the Vatican Council II invited Catholics to join him in praying for a Renewal of the church by a new Pentecost through signs of  ….


    And out of this prayer there was born the Catholic Charismatic Renewal which Paul VI described as a gift of the Holy Spirit and a chance for the church for more than any other New Renewal movement, the CCR promotes the Charisms which the Vatican Council II states are necessary for church renewal and world evangelizations.


    Father Rufus shared from his personal experience how each one of the 9 charisms mentioned in the 1 Cor 12 emerged in his ministry for the first time and how since then he ministries to everyone only with the help of these charisms.  He gave examples of the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, tongues and healing from his ministries. He ended by saying that Jesus promised that in this way we will do what he did and even greater things.

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